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BVIMR CRC Activity

CRC Activities for the Academic Year 2011-12

July, 2011

  • Finalization of students core team and distribution of work regarding CRC activities.
  • Preparation of the Data Bank of the students, parents and their industry references and list of companies .Review and updation of existing Data Bank.
  • Orientation-cum-Induction Programme- Undertaking from the students .
  • Compilation of the consolidate report of Summer training to BE  submit to the Director· Preparation of Placement Brochure ,
  • Profiling  and skills testing of MBA-1st year  students
  • Planning and organizing Corporate day /CCEE
  • Preparation of students profile/CVs of  both first & second year Students for placement broacher
  • Finalization of Placement Brochure · Printing of Placement Brochure
  •  F.D.P/M.D.P

August, 2011

  • Profiling  and skills testing of MBA-2ndt year  students
  • Visits to companies for Guruvandana invitation  by faculty members and taking feedback of students regarding summer training.
  •  Preparation for Guruvandana
  • Progress Report on final Submission of Summer Training Projects
  • Planning and organizing first  industrial visit for all classes.
  • Planning and organizing Corporate day /CCEE
  • Preparation of Industry list and first interact
  • Contact MNCs for Summer / Final Placement/Live projects / MOU /LOUetc
  • Obtain Industry/Sector choice from students.

September,  2011

  • September 3rd, 2011 Guruvandana,  Release of Placement Brochure & CD
  • Contacting all the previous visited Companies· Cold Calling to New Companies,letters to new companies to be dispatched with Placement Brochure and visits to companies. organizations for signing of MOU, MDP, Placement and Research· Workshop on “Soft Skills and Personality Development” ·
  • Letters  to  new companies dispatched with brochure and visit to companies for signing of M.O.U, Placement and research.
  • Planning & organizing  Industrial visits to remaining classes.
  • Planning and organizing Corporate day /CCEE on every Saturday.
  • Students Placement presentation & Placement Brochure distribution
  • Taking CRC undertaking from M.B.A final yar students regarding placement.  

October,  2011

  • Issue of Letter to students for Summer Training
  • Visits to the companies/ organizations Continues Follow ups to be continued Issue of Letters to students for Summer Training continued
  • Workshop on entrepreneurship 
  • Planning and organizing Corporate day /CCEE on every Saturday.

November, 2011

  • Visit to companies for placement ,M.O.U, Summer training ,M.D.P etc
  • Workshop on “Entrepreneurship”· Follow ups to be continued 
  • Planning and organizing Corporate day /CCEE on every Saturday.

December,  2011

  • Follow ups with companies for summer training/placement
  • Planning and organizing Corporate day /CCEE on every Saturday.
  • Planning and organizing second  industrial visit for all classes.
  • Organize PPT & Placement weak
  • Milap-Alumni meet  ( September 24,2011)

January,  2012

  1. Confirmations of Summer Placements & compilation of data.
  2. Planning & organizing Industrial visits for remaining classes.

February, 2012

  • Follow up for placements, summer trainings with companies

March, 2012

  • Feedback  from Alumni, corporate, parents etc
  • Follow up with the companies for joining dates of summer trainees

April, 2012

  • Planning and organizing orientation for summer training to be given to students on the last day of exams .
  • Follow up with companies for placement ,summer training etc

May, 2012

  • Follow up for the progress of summer training-Fortnightly reports to be submitted to C.R.C.
  • CRC placement record updation on website of BVIMR.
  • Preparation of CRC calendar for next academic session.